Everyone needs the peace of mind that comes with completing your Estate Planning documents.  These documents not only guarantee how and to who your estate is distributed, but also are critical to establish who will make important financial and medical decisions for you in the event you are no longer capable.
     At Matlock Law Office, P.C., we offer several different Estate Planning Packages that include all critical documents everyone should have.  We offer a SIMPLE WILL PACKAGE that includes: a Will, a Property POA, a Healthcare POA with medical directives, and a Hipaa.  We also offer a LIVING TRUST PACKAGE that includes: a Living Trust (with all required documents), a Pour-Over-Will, a Property POA, a Healthcare POA with medical directives, and a Hipaa.  All documents are tailored and drafted based on your needs.

     We make it easy.  Just call to set an appointment.  At this appointment we will go over the information contained in this workbook (fill out if you wish) and discuss your questions and wishes to determine the documents you need.  We will then draft the documents and send them to you for review. We will then work with you until you are completely satisfied with the documents.  At that time we will meet one last time to execute a final version of the documents.


     Matlock Law Office, P.C. works on a flat rate schedule for these documents, so there are no surprises or unknowns.  You pay this flat rate at the last meeting after you are satisfied with the completed documents.



         Will Package   Trust Package

Individual: $200.00     $500.00 


Couple:      $400.00     $750.00 


     Please call with any questions you have or to schedule an appointment at your convenience.  You can contact our office at (309)387-8051, or call or text attorney Casey Matlock’s cell phone at (309)242-5900 or e-mail us at