When you are injured in any kind of accident and someone else is at fault, you have the legal right to be compensated for your injuries.  That means you have a legal right to payment for medical bills, lost wages, mileage to and from medical appointments, pain and suffering, mental stress, losses in the enjoyment of your life, permanent scaring and disability. These are just some of the rights to payment you are legally entitled to receive, among others, depending on your situation.


     Insurance companies are very skilled at handling insurance claims. They are experts and do their best to pay the least possible on every injury claim.  They are in the insurance business to make money, not pay money.  Insurance companies spend thousands of dollars every year teaching their claims adjusters how to save the company money.  You need a lawyer who knows how to fight against that system so you are paid fairly.


Vehicle Collision

     Matlock Law Office represents individuals in every type of vehicle accident, specifically motor vehicle collisions in which another party is at fault. Examples of vehicle accidents include cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, bikes, and all others.


     No accident is too great or too small.  Matlock Law Office handles a variety of vehicle accident cases, from fender-benders to high-speed semi-tractor collisions, utilizing trained investigators and accident reconstruction experts to provide the evidence and basis needed to prove each case.


     Whether a client is dealing with whiplash, a physical injury, brain injury, an uninsured motorist, a high-speed incident, or a hit-and-run, Matlock Law Office works to establishing negligence, handles insurance claims, and seeks full compensation for their clients.


     Contact Matlock Law Office if you have been involved in a vehicle accident and are dealing with medical bills, lost wages, or an insurance claim.


Wrongful Death

     Many people turn to Matlock Law Office for representation when a loved one has died through wrongdoing, irresponsibility, or neglect of others. It is important for immediate family members to seek legal assistance when filing a wrongful death claim in order to establish negligence and rightful compensation. Certain laws protect families of wrongful death victims, allowing them to file claims against negligent parties. Wrongful death claims may include medical bills, lost income, funeral expenses, and more.


     Matlock Law Office understands the problems families face when dealing with a wrongful death, representing the estate of the victim and working diligently with the victim’s family when handling all insurance claims and legal matters.


     If your family is questioning a case of wrongful death, contact Matlock Law Office to make sure your family and your loved one's estate are protected.


Slips and Falls

     Matlock Law Office represents people who have fallen or been injured on the property of another party.  Matlock Law Office is experienced and works hard to provide clients full compensation and justice.


     To prove who is at fault, Matlock Law Office works with engineers and accident reconstruction experts to establish negligence of the property owner, state, county, or city.  In order to conduct a proper investigation, experts and documentation are needed to provide clear evidence and witness testimony, which is essential to win jury trials.


     If you have been injured on another’s property, contact Matlock Law Office.  Their legal and litigation expertise will guide you through the insurance claims process or a lawsuit if necessary.